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Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year...New Me!

Happy New Year to all my Blogger buddies out there.  I know you are all convinced that I've forgotten all about you and have left you languishing for news on my ever exciting life...yeh...I'm sure.

Well, I've finally and belatedly put together a pattern of behavour that should have been self evident after it happening every year for goodness knows how long! My annual girly weekend to Center Parcs is TOXIC...every mid November a group of us mums get together for a weekend of drinking wine, Sing-Star, watching XFactor and basically letting our hair down with no-one to worry about but ourselves...no kids and no hubbies...sooo good.  Oh yeah, did I mention that we drink wine? Lots of wine!

The trouble is that once I come back I'm in total decadent mode! I basically start the Christmas excesses from then! drinking 2-3 nights per week, eating chocolate and other goodies that I've avoided all year and basically putting on copious pounds!

Last year I put on a lot of weight between November and New Year.  This year, whilst it certainly did set me in an out of control phase I was able to manage a much more modest gain, but a gain none the less!

Over this Christmas season I've done a lot of reflecting and I've come to some pretty major conclusions which have been gradually forming themselves in my mind over the course of this year and they've formed the basis of some serious New Years Resolutions

1) No more Center Parcs for me
2) No more drinking for me~EVER
3)Get serious about getting my focus firmly back on my weight loss
4)Get a proper exercise schedule in place
5)Be a less selfish/self-centred person
6)Adopt a more positive attitude and try and FORCE my hubby to as well
7) Consciously try to learn a few more social skills.

I'll address these resolutions in a little more detail tomorrow for your reading pleasure, but in the meantime I hope you are all feeling really positive about the year to come and have lots of self motivation to move forward with your weight loss goals and any other personal goals you may have.

Happy New Year everyone!  xx