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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Back to Work

Hi All,

Yesterday was my first day back in the office.  I felt a little sorry for myself as I was setting off as my stitches were pulling painfully, but by the time I'd arrived in the office they were fine.  I had a good day and the only issue was the desk pressing into my incision a little uncomfortably. 

I felt quite energetic yesterday evening too which is strange as my calories are very low still.  Yesterday I only consumed 750 cals.  I've been keeping my intake at around 850 on most days during the past week and to ensure I'm getting all my nutritional requirements I've been taking an iron and multivitimin/mineral syrup which I bought from Holland & Barretts and a general soluable multivitimin which contains some different things which I was given by my provider Healthier Weight.

Initially following the surgery I was quite bloated and so never felt hungry at all.  I was only prompted to eat whenever I started to feel very nauseous.  By about day 5 however I was finding that the soups and things were not satisfying for very long at all and I'd soon get the sick feeling back.  My calories for the day were around the 800 mark by this time.  I've found that if I stick to Slimfast shakes they are quite satisfying and stay with me for 3-4 hours.  I imagine this is due to the protein.  I've now slipped into a routine of having a Slimfast Shake for breakfast and lunch and then possibly a small snack late afternoon and then a protein rich soup such as pea and ham, or beef and mushroom for my tea around 6 or so and this keeps me going till bedtime.  I may have a highlights hot chocolate in the evening or a diet coke but usually I just have a large glass of sugar free squash to make sure I'm getting enough fluids.  I've been having far less tea and coffee than I used to do. Pre-op I would have struggled not to start the day with a freshly brewed coffee, but have only just introduced it back now that I'm back at work and I've been having 3 cups a day at work, but only drinking around a third to half of each cup... 

I am able to bring up any wind at the moment as I haven't yet had my first fill and so am able to drink the diet coke without any issues, although I have only just reintroduced it this week.  Previously I was slightly dependant on it and would have at least one can on most days. 

It's been quite funny being back at work as no-one here has a clue, so it's very hard to believe I've gone and had surgery and had a device inserted into me!! My colleagues just think I'm on one of my usual diets.  They've gotten very used to the cycle of intensive dieting and then intensive weight gain so are unlikely to wonder too much and as the diets have not historically proven successful long-term they are not disposed to discuss them anymore and neither am I.



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