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Saturday, 13 February 2010

It's a slow old road to repair...Two weeks in.

Hi All,

Work this week has been uneventful, I've been pain free all week and managing quite well on my Slim-fast shakes for breakfast and lunch, the odd half cup of coffee and then various things for tea. Either a meaty soup blended up, or occassionally a small amount of non-liquid food has snuk in.  But I'm ever conscious that anything solid i eat needs to be in a very small amount so as not to put pressure on my still healing stitches.  I'm confident that most of the swelling has now gone down, but obviously I'm still healing.

I've felt really well all week, until Friday that is when I was off work! Typical isn't it?  I'd arranged to meet a friend after the school drop off for a coffee and I had dreadful wind pains in my lower abdomen, plus a not insubstantial amount of muscle pain above my insicion.  This carried on through most of the day which made it difficult to get on with anything much and ended up in my feeling the day was more or less wasted.

Then again today, I woke up early with a headache a very dry mouth and feeling pretty grotty.  It actually felt like I'd had rather too much wine last night, only I've sworn off alcohol until all my weight has been lost so I know it couldn't have been that!

I took some pain relief and had a bit of a lie in, then I had to get up to take my youngest son to his swimming lesson.  Not ideal as I hadn't had so much as a coffee never mind any breakfast. I came home shortly after 11am and had a Muller light yoghurt with a handful of cereal on the top (yes I know, not allowed on the liquid phase) and another soluable paracetamol. By this stage I was bent over with pain in the muscle around my port yet again.  I know the nurse Claires said this would take time to settle down, but I guess I expected the level of pain to start at the highest following the surgery and then gradually ease over time.  But what it has been like is quite unpredictable and very up and down which is quite frustrating as just when you think you're really over the worst you're suddenly thrown back to the beginning again. 

I'd already taken a paracetamol, so I hobbled back to the bedroom once I'd made my son some lunch and gingerly lowered myself onto the bed and read a book for an hour.  Once I got up again I felt waaay better, which was a relief.

Tomorrow I'm heading into the Spire Hospital in Manchester to see Dr Ashton for a check up and an official weigh in to see how I'm doing and how my stitches are healing etc. The stitches look fine to me, no sign of any infection, but I'd still like to go in for the check up anyway.

I managed to refrain from having a shower or bath for ten days as instructed which seemed quite horrendous to suggest.  My means of accomplishing this and still remaining fit for human companionship were the obvious means of having regular 'sponge baths', using Andrex moist toilet tissue instead of regular stuff and another secret weapon which I'm glad I found out about as I would have really struggled to wash my hair hanging over the bath due to the difficulty of bending over and supporting my weight following the surgery and that is dry shampoo!  You can get it in really tiny tins from Superdrug for about £1.99, but it doesn't last long that way, so I went on the internet and found a much larger tin from 'Pharmacy2u' for around the same price as the smaller tin! It can make your hair look a little powdery if you have dark hair, but if you let it do its work for a few seconds, brush it through and then kind of dust off any areas that look powdery it's not bad. You can also buy one designed for brunettes which is a little dearer if you like.  I'll probably try that once this runs out as it's super handy to have around to freshen up your hair if you tend towards an oily scalp.  Ever since I started having the Depo-Provera jab every three months instead of taking the pill I've suffered from this as one of the side effects and it's quite frustrating, which is how I found out about the dry shampoo.  I mentioned the problem to a friend who suggested it.

Anyway, I'll let you know how I get on at the Spire tomorrow.

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