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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Thank you all so much

I just wanted to say a special thank you for the lovely supportive comments on my last post...you know who you are! They were all soooo great you really made my day.

I posted my forum comment and my blog post last night after the best part of a bottle of red wine and this morning woke up feeling a little paranoid as to whether I should have kept my mouth shut...whether I was lighting the blue touch paper as my hubby says (an old chemistry reference). I've had an uncomfortable feeling in my belly all day as to whether I was stiring up trouble...but...I've had nothing but positive and supportive comments from both my bloggies (you guys) and a really lovely comment on the forum from Hatty who had obviously also been equally incensed!

Soooo bullies beware...I won't take it lying down. They are all shivering in their boots I'm sure. LOL! ;0)


  1. I'm a bit late but good for you!!

  2. I agree with your assessment of the other commenter. I also agree with the other bander's comments on your last post!

    This is why I stopped reading LBT. I found that there was too much negativity there. There are too many out there that are so judgmental of others. So I only follow the blogs. We are a great community that supports one another with no judgment.

    I know how hard it was to read her/his comment (I had a similar experience when I was still reading LBT). I am so glad that you did respond to it though.

    But my advice would be to stay clear of LBT and the jealousies and judgments of many on there. Of course, that is only my opinion!! LOL