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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Bye Bye *~D~*...Sorry you had to go...

Hi everyone,

It's a bit of a sad story that our friend *~D~* from 'A Fat Chick Gets Skinny' has left us and withdrawn her blog...she felt unloved and unsupported and generally as though we didn't love her enough.  That is so sad and I think she's made a big mistake in leaving us...because now I'm worried that she's going to be all alone. She's just moved to a new part of the country and doesn't really know anyone, she has real financial pressures and hasn't yet found a job, her hubby is in the armed forces and is away a lot, her dog is really sick...she's just been having an awfuly tough time lately and (I suspect due to the summer time meaning we are all out and about so much more and not up to date with our blog reading) she has been getting very few comments on her blog. Well yesterday I read her post saying 'bye bye' to us all and that she obviously just wasn't entertaining enough to be accepted and today her blog is totally gone!

I just mention it because I read her posts late and didn't comment because there were already newer ones, but she didn't even get one comment about her dog very nearly dying and I just thought...no wonder she felt hurt! She won't even see this as she doesn't follow my blog...'Hey! maybe I should be sulking about that!' but I just hope that she realises that she was a bit hard on us and comes back to the fold...not for us really (although I did like reading her blog), but for herself...the times when you are on your own are the times you most need the non-judgemental support you get here. 'Come on ~D~ I for one pledge to try harder if you come back.  xx


  1. I am really sorry to see this too Sparkler.. I may not have seen her recent posts.. and truly hope she does plug in again.. It is very difficult to move to a new place with people you know let alone by yourself.. I will second your request that D does return to blog land!!

  2. I agree with you both: I hope she comes back. Blogging is definitely different when the weather is so nice, the kids are out of school and with all the get-togethers that summer tends to bring.

    It's sad to see her go, but I doubt there is much we can do now.

  3. I have emailed her today and asked to have lunch. I live maybe 20-30 minutes from her now. I just hope she writes back or calls. I feel awful about it too.

  4. I am trying to work out who this is but yeah: it's sad that she felt unsupported. We are such a great bunch I can only assume she slipped through the cracks. Is there any way of getting her back?

  5. she's still around! just not posting :-( i was so happy when i saw a comment from her the other day!

  6. So sad...and so nice of you to put it out there!
    Hope she comes back!

    I would not have made it this far without all of you beautiful peeps!

  7. I am still around, just as a commentator. ;)

    I'm sorry I wasn't a follower, Sparkler, but I am now! :) I know I didn't have many and therefore, I tried to make sure I was following everyone. I am sorry I somehow overlooked you.

    Miss Vickie, I'm sorry I didn't get your email. I promise I would have replied if I had. I will see if I still have your addy from when we were thinking of calling Navarre home for a while. :)