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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

3rd Day of Liquids & the possible dangers of Fizzy drinks!

I've been finding this liquid diet really hard...I always feel soooo hungry on it.  I haven't been 100% good, I have put a little muesli in my yogurt which is cheating and this morning (day 3) I did have some runny Oat-so-Simple instead, but I took it very slow whilst I was typing my last blog and had to heat it up again before I finished it. 

The very good news is that I've weighed myself this morning and I've lost 1.2lbs!!

On Monday after I had my fill I was sitting drinking a can of Diet Coke which I regularly enjoy, and reading the ukgastricband forum and I came across a thread about fizzy drinks...some members were saying they'd been told NEVER to have them because the gas released once the drink hits your pouch will cause it to stretch and could even cause the dreaded slippage!!!  Several NHS hospitals have told their patients and some private providers whereas others (including mine) have only said it's up to the individual whether or not you can tolerate the gas.  In the past I always have tolerated the gas without a problem, but I've only had my first fill today as you know.  I didn't drink much of the coke as it happens and put the rest of the can back in the fridge, but shortly after I was in a lot of discomfort as though I'd seriously binged and felt  like my band area was under pressure...not a good feeling.  When I stretched my arms above my head I could almost feel my stitches pulling - yuck!  As I was actually having hunger pains at the same time I can only really put this down to one thing...gas!!!  I took two Windeze and went for a lie down for half an hour, but the pain continued as did the hunger...I then heated up some soup and made a cup of tea hoping the warm liquids would help soothe things...fortunately this did the trick and I was feeling better really quickly after that.

But it did decide me on one thing!! No more diet coke! I guess I can live without it if the alternative is pain and possible band slippage!

Does anyone feel they have any definate info on this topic?  Has anyone read any scientific studies on the subject?

Sparkler xx

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