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Monday, 22 March 2010

Starvation Zone...

One thing I read, a link posted by one of the members on ukgastricband forum was an article about the starvation zone/mode phenomenum...I know something definately goes on with me when I'm dieting and as i've posted very recently I've had my suspicions about my thyroid, especially given my family history, but reading this I suspose it really could just be the reason for it all, but whatever is causing it, it's the reason for my loss of motivation. Once I realised I wasn't going to be able to  get this weight off quickly by starving it off, I subconsciously threw in the towel and that's what I have to now work at reversing and building up a good sense of purpose to keep my behaviour on track...The best method I think is going to be ensuring that I keep exercising and keep eating the right level of calories and not too few or too many! easier said than done.


I'm now quite enjoying my daily walk to and from school despite the enormously huge steep hill on the way home.  I've started to zone out a bit and don't notice I'm doing it so much.  I was actually disappointed when my husband offered us a lift this morning as I was looking forward to burning my extra slice of toast off! But my son is extra tired from a musical show he's taking part in during the evenings and stayed in bed so long he had made us run a little late, so I thought it best to be on time for school and take the lift for his sake than mine...I didn't quite have the internal fortitude to let them take the lift and walk to the train station on my own! weak, weak girl!

I'm currently 14st 1.6lb (nude, sorry too much information!) and I would like to try and lose two pounds before my fill on Monday...Not going to happen unless I start really trying again! I'll have to think it through, how am I gonna MAKE it happen?

The forecast is for a mega-hot summer (wouldn't that be fabulous?) hope I'm looking a lot less fleshy by then or it'll be pretty uncomfortable! Would love to lose two stone by then to really enjoy it.

Fingers crossed!


Sparkler xx

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