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Saturday, 9 October 2010


Hi girlies and boys...so lovely to see all you boobies having such a brilliant time.  So many of you managed to go...fabulous...I'm definately up for it next year...I don't care where it is I'm there.  I think it was just a little early in my journey to make the committment despite the fact that I really was already feeling a strong bond with you all.  Next year I'm so there!!!!! So glad you all had such a fun time!!!


  1. Hey sweetie - we are waiting for someone to take over planning Boobs 2.0 - you should volunteer! :)

  2. WOuld love to have you come along Sparkler.. it was a fantastic time..

  3. OMG...you don't want me anywhere near the organising! I'm so disorganised! When I do have to do it for the family I'm totally stressed and bossy...not a good combo! :0)