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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Feeling uplifted...and...getting rid of last weekends excesses!

Dear Readers,

You may remember last weekend I had a girls night out which obviously entailed the drinking of wine...followed by the need for sugar on Sunday for strictly remedial purposes...this resulted in a 2.2lb overall weight gain for the weekend!

I've spent the entire week getting back where I started from...considering I had big plans to get down to 13 stone by my hols which gave me exactly four weeks to lose 8.8lbs I am not happy to have spent one week of them getting back to needing to lose 8.8lbs...oh well, no use crying over spilt milk, so I just need to get on with things and make the best of it.

When I got up this morning I weighed myself and found again no change (3 days straight)...I'd failed to get the weight off in a single week...I thought.

I have however been much more active this week...which is great as I'd been feeling down now for a few weeks and very sluggish, not doing any of the exercise that I had been doing, which was making things even worse.

This week, I went for a brisk walk with a friend for about 45 mins or so on Monday, Wednesday I went to my tennis lesson and played for an hour and a half, Thursday I walked 2 miles, Friday I walked 3 miles, so I thought I deserved to lose some as I'd been also being careful about what I ate.  Anyway, I decided not to be detered. I was putting some of the problems down to TOTM anyway, so with my new found enthusiasm I jumped out of bed threw on a tracksuit and went into the garage with iPod primed and did 30 mins on the cross trainer.  The machine that I've had for at least a year and used a sum total of FOUR times!

So I feel pretty good about that...the even bigger reward was that I got on the scales...yes AGAIN...before I got in the shower to find i'd lost a whole extra pound! WTH??? Hey, I'm not complaining I earned that sucker.

I didn't find it too hard doing the 30 mins, but when I got off the machine I could really feel it in my thighs and my face was pretty red...that's fab because I really need to slim my thighs down, a lot of my trousers are very loose on the waist, but fit in the thighs, I also have a lot of fat around the sides and back of my knees, which means I really couldn't picture myself EVER wearing a skirt.  I'm really going to try and keep doing this a few times a week, cause I think I'll really see a difference in my muscle tone on my legs.

I'm taking my son to buy some new clothes this afternoon as he's had a growth spurt lately and is running out of clothes that fit...he's just turned 11 and is a 28" waist, he's going to be a big lad I think, he's already as tall as his grandma, broad shouldered and strong.  Anyway, I digress...my point was that whilst I'm out I'm secretly planning on popping into Next and trying on ALL their size 16UK work trousers, my 18UK's are falling off just about. I may buy a pair even if I'm not quite in them yet as the only size 16 pair I have are well worn from all the previous yo-yo diets I've been on and look crappy...something good to aim for.  I really can't wait till I can wear nice things for work and even wear heels without becoming a cripple by 11am.  Wish me luck xx


  1. That machine looks torturous lol.. but will obviously do the job. Bummer about the weight gain - but hey - we've all suffered from the same thing. And do we learn? Probably not ;) Congrats on the too big trousers. Exciting!!

  2. 1 pound down is a big deal! We need a reward for all of our efforts! Have fun shopping for both you and your son! Usually you find the best things when you are not looking! I want to see pix of CUTE shoes (and I don't mean for your son:) We do have our priorities in order after all! My youngest daughter went thru a big growth spurt last year, so I know what you mean. It is that age where they sprout! I tell them that is what happens when I keep feeding you. She went from a size 3 shoe to a ladies size 8 and grew 5".
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