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Thursday, 27 May 2010

I should have stayed in bed...

...and pulled the covers over my head today...

~ My husband took my car keys to work by mistake.
~ The ticket machine at the train station was broken
~ The train was 15 mins late
~ The weather was cold and wet
~ The train conductor forgot me and didn't sell me a ticket
~ I had to queue up and buy my ticket on the platform
~ The man charged me Peak price instead of off-peak and told me I'd have to queue for a form to reclaim the overcharge!!! I was already late for work!
~ I had no lunch & no money, so had to use cash machine
~ I realised I'd forgotten my work pass!!! AAAaaarrrggghh!!

Can you then guess what this all became an excuse for????  Can you??? If you can't you've obviously never had a weight problem!!!

Yes, I thought...I'll buy my lunch from the sandwich lady at work...I deserve it...a chocolate bar and a huge coronation chicken sub later...I still wasn't done...I actually opened a box of truffle style chocs that I have in my drawer that have no real owners because I still wanted more chocolate....hhhmmm. Okay so far I've only eaten 3 of them and I think I'm done...but WTH was that all about and how did I easily  manage to put it all away???

I've just committed myself to wait till I return from my hols in mid June before I get my next fill too...Woops, just ate chocolate number 4!

Why am I still feeling hormonal after at least 3 weeks...my system is up the swany and it always has been with regards to hormones. I despair of them every being under control.

Ah well...I'll have to harness the power of positive thought and get good things happening again...thanks for listening to my little pity party...it's all very minor I know and now I'm ready to move on.

I'm planning on calling into the gym this week for a little tour as I would like to get started on some weight training to tighten up my 'bingo-wings' etc and maybe take the odd class. I get a pretty good discount as an NHS employee...I notice they even run a Zumba class, which I'd never even heard of till reading it in Amy W's blog.

My husband might be miffed though as he already complains that I'm out all the time, I have been going for a long walk with a friend on a Monday night, tennis on Wednesday night and ladies tag rugby on a Thursday night.  I'll tell him I'm doing it all for him, so that I can look good and so that I'll be more into sex...do you think that'll swing it for me?  You know if he really thought it'd up my sex drive, he'd be totally behind it, so I think I'll go with that. he he he

He loves skiing, so when he was complaining about it last night, I said it was so I could get fit and slim enough for our skiing trip next Winter, so I'd be fit enough to learn to do it properly...(I've only been once before about 3 years ago and found it really really difficult). I never normally use manipulation, but I need to make him see how my exercising more is worth the sacrafice of time on his part as he will benefit in the long run.

By the way, I saw an article about Sharon Osbourne and how much weight she's gained lately...it made me a bit scared as I've been worrying about what would happen When not If the band eventually deteriorates.  Will they just pop me a new one in? Or will they make me wait till I put a load of weight back on?

I'm not sure what poor ole' Sharon's story is, but I heard she'd had her band removed, don't know why. Maybe there was a problem. But the thought of getting to her stage, looking so great and then regaining the weight is just a bit terrifying!  Don't know if anyone knows anything about it they care to share, but it's very interesting for fellow bandsters I suppose.

It's taken my mind off scoffing anyway thank goodness and got me thinking about nice healthy exercise...

Hope you are all having a fab week and an even fabber weekend...ours is set to be cold and wet...it's punishment for our lovely sunny hot weekend that we just had.

OOoooh, I'm booking myself a lovely pamper morning for Saturday week prior to my holiday...a spray tan, pedicure, manicure and eyebrow shape...No doubt I'll look like a Hollywood starlet afterwards....NOT!


  1. Ouch - that did sound like an awful day. Hope it ended up at least getting a little better. Surely ..

  2. Ugh what a bad day!!! 4 chocolates is not soo bad in the scheme of things. I would have eaten the whole box!!! Today is anotehr day, it can only get better

  3. Your intital post was like a comedy movie gone bad. Just think what famous actress could play you??? Your husband should not complain...it was his initial taking of your car keys that caused the day to go downhill in the first place. :) Enjoy your spa day, you will feel and look beautiful!

  4. I thought you were writing the words to a song....

    It is 4am, can't sleep, so hearing your dramas made me smile in a "Thank Christ it wasn't me!" kind of way.

    No damage in the long run, really, putting it all into perspective just a bump in the road.

  5. What a rough morning!!

    Didn't Sharon Osbourne have her band removed entirely?

    If something happens with your band, the course of action will depend upon the type of complication, your doctor, and your wishes. Some people have to have their bands removed and never replaced. Others get new bands. It just depends :)

    Hope you got the bad stuff out of the way and have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!

  6. That did sound like you should of stayed in bed....what a day!!! I would like to know more about the band beingremoved too....I would want it back in straight away!!!