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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

First alcoholic drink in 4 months...and ancient drama's still causing probs!

Hi All,

As I mentioned in my last post I had a girls night out on Saturday and it would be my first alcoholic evening in 4 months! Up till now I've been abstaining. Obviously I had to for a while for my surgery anyway, but as I love a glass of wine or three I decided it would be for the best to kick drinking to the curb for a while so's I could really focus on my health and cut out one of my largest sources of empty calories. wimper...

Anyways it hasn't been as hard as I'd thought, probably a state of mind thing...you don't have surgery unless you're committed to the process now do you?

I had decided to spread out two large glasses over the course of the night, but of course ended up having four (a whole bottle in other words). I drank it over five hours, but I still ended up a little hung over on Sunday and was forced to eat sugary things to keep me alive...you know how it is.

The evening was good, but could have been better... Last year we had a bit of an implosion in our friendship group caused by the drunken behaviour of one of our number, her behaviour had been questionable for some time and there had been a number of incidents of her flirting outragiously with other peoples husbands over the years (I've never actually witnessed it myself, but I know it had caused bad feeling several times) and then one morning after one of our nights out she phoned me to tell me that her husband had found out she'd been having 'text sex' with the husband of a friend (not someone from our social group) and her husband had phoned up a couple of our mutual friends to tell them all about it and get them on his side against her. Of course this caused enormous ructions and people were very resentful of her and sorry for her hubby.

They seemed to patch things up in record time though and everyone else was expected to forget all about it and they both keep being invited out because no-one wants to upset her hubby...she hates it and feels like a cat on hot bricks the whole time, but refuses to stay home even when it's only the girls going, so everyone is slightly uncomfortable around her. (She's very resentful that people didn't stick by her over it and feels let down by us all!)

Over time I had come to realise she wasn't an entirely balanced individual, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt because I believe she is kind and caring and good hearted...but since all this has happened she just acts more and more strange and I always feel on eggshells whenever I see her as she is understandably paranoid of every look or comment (she was somewhat paranoid to begin with so you can only imagine it now she has something to be paranoid about!) This all happened a full year ago and it still hasn't blown over...there is a lot more I could say about her behaviour, but without wishing to write a book on the subject I'm trying to be brief.

I believe she is still very unhappy in her marriage, but rather than do anything about it she's doing her penance for her misdeed by playing happy families...I was around there on Friday night to pick up my son (our sons are very close friends) and she was so rude and hideous to her husband she obviously has no respect for him. When I asked her why she was saying those things to him, she said 'because he's a liar'! - nice.

Anyway...I think we all see another drama somewhere around the bend, but when I don't know. We'll all just keep holding our breath till it comes.

On a lighter note...I was so dehydrated on Sunday morning I'd actually lost 2lbs despite having drank jug-fulls of water whilst I was out! Monday morning though I'd put on...4lbs! That was an expensive night out in terms of weight loss. I've taken off 0.8 of it, but I can see it'll take me all week just to lose the bottle of wine and hangover food of the weekend. I don't think I was even that bad on Sunday! I can't afford to do that every week can I???

Funny, I arrived in work this morning to see a plastic wine glass on my desk marked with 175ml level and daily alcohol allowances for men and women - a freebie from the alcohol team...I work for the National Health Service...there's a message there somewhere.

Hope you're all having a good week. xx


  1. I miss my G&T's! Going to see Sex in the City on the 28th and mamma's definitely gonna have one or two! With two kids and my husband away in Vegas, I just don't want to deal with the next day! 2 is my limit baby!

  2. The dreaded drink...SOOO hard to give up :-(