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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Results of the two week challenge

Hi folks,

In total I've lost 5 of the 7lbs I was hoping to lose over the two week period. Not bad, but I lost 2lb of it on the first day!

I did have a small glitch on Thursday which did affect things. I had a work conference and I wasn't able to choose my food at lunch time. The room was so crowded with people and in the break I had to man a stand and so couldn't get to any of the fruit. So by lunch time I was ravenous...in fact during the session before lunch my stomach sounded like an earthquake was going on and I expected people to start evacuating the room and heading for safe haven! I was that hungry!

Of course when we broke for lunch the queue for the food was up the hallway and almost out the doors and due to my trip to the loo before lunch I was at the back of it and by the time I got near the food all the good choices of salmon skewers and such things were gone and all that was left were a few slices of quiche and some salad.

The quiche was really nice, but it tasted strongly of butter...hhhmmm...that can't be a good thing. Then to make myself feel better I was forced at gunpoint...no really...to eat this gorgeous slice of chocolate brownie with a lovely chocolatey icing on top...god it was good.

I weighed myself the next day and I'd put on 0.8lb...Gggrrrr.

The next day I had a pretty good food day...was planning on doing the low cal day, but then for tea was forced...yes forced to cook tortellini as it was the used by date...what else could I do? It wasn't that bad, but not as slimming as it could have been, so dropped 0.2lbs this morning, but not the whole chocolate brownie and quiche have come off yet. Trying not to dwell on it.

Gonna try and do 3 or 4 low cal days next week as a big push for my week in Gozo in early June. Would love to be down to 13st or even a smidge below for that...that's my next mini target. That will get me into most UK16 size clothes. I even ordered myself a new swimming costume to celebrate my new lease on life. My old costume was bought to cover me up and looks like I'm borrowing my old granny's costume! I'm only 40, not 80 so I've decided I deserve something a little younger looking. I love my band...


  1. Five pounds in two weeks is awesome.

    And ya know, this is about making sustainable changes to your diet that you can live with for the rest of your life, it's not about never eating iced brownies again :) It's great that you made room for some foods that are higher in calories and still lost weight. Great job :)

  2. Hey Sparkler, that is a great result.

    It is easy for me to say because I am not living your frustration with the weight loss, but remember for the most part what you have lost will not come back, it is gone FOREVER. Isn't that so exciting!

    I must admit my food choices have been quite crappy of late and I am okay with that. This is a novelty for me, not dieting, and I refuse to deprive myself ever again. It was that diet and deprivation mentality that got me to the size I was to have to be banded in the first place.

    I also know if you drop your caloric intake below a certain point it is useless, you end up slowiing your metabolism and increasing your frustration.

    I am unsure what support you get in the UK, but here in Australia it is outstanding. The dietician I see tells me there is no point going below 1200-1000 calories, you get no benefit from that. It is better to make healthy choices, but if you don't - try not to go overboard. I have embraced that philosophy big time. I haven't even started walking regularly yet to be honest.

    Another thing is not to rush it. We didn't put this weight on overnight why should we expect it to come off over months instead of years? It is frustrating at times but if it is gone for good so much the better right?

    And stop beating yourself up and enjoy your food. LOL