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Saturday, 3 April 2010

2.8lbs Down since 1st Fill on Monday

yeah! couldn't believe it after such a slow old treck in the last month or so...two days after my fill I'd lost 1.2lbs and then three days later I've lost another 1.6lbs!!! I can't believe it...I know it's not that much, but I can usually starve myself after a few weeks of dieting and only lose a pound and a half in a week, so two months in to lose 2.8lbs in less than a week makes me feel good!  Especially since I've been off work with the kids (always a tough time as I'm in the house and usually thinking of food), and I haven't been hungry or felt deprived (mostly).  I felt a bit deprived last night because my OH had gone out for a drink with a friend and I was stuck in the house on a diet and with no alcohol!  I've given it up to help me stay focused on my weight loss. I could really feel a binge coming on so I drank 3 pint glasses of sugar free cordial to keep my hands and mouth occupied.

The really good bit about this weight loss is it takes me down below the 14st mark which I've really been dying to get below for weeks.  So this morning, in my PJ's I was 13st 13.8lb.  Bless you, you little .2 of a pound! You make all the difference!

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  1. Isn't it amazing how much better two-tenths of a pound can make us feel?

    Congratulations :D