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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Diet clubs

I am a long-time attender of Slimming World which I do really rate as being somewhat ahead of it's time in addressing the phsychological issues around overeating more than some clubs, but I find that as excess portion size is one of my issues (hopefully counteracted by my brand new band) the green days I loved full of rice and pasta dishes were just too high cal in the portion sizes I like...also I think you tend to get a bit stale with a particular set of rules after the two or three years I've been going.  I haven't been now for around six months and have been considering whether a slimming group would benefit me in terms of support and motivation and weekly weigh ins whilst I'm working with the band.  The one which I'm considering starting is the Rosemary Conley class, partly because there is portion control, stricter low fat meals and mainly because it incorporates a 45 minute exercise class which I need excessively.  At £5.50 per session it's not much more expensive than a regular exercise class at a gym and I thought it may be worth a try especially if I can get a friend to come with me for motivation.  I haven't decided yet...hhmmmmm, has anyone else tried Rosemary Conley? How did you find it?

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