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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Cheating on Liquids!

Hi All,

yesterday was my last day of my post-fill liquid diet and I cheated! Not that I don't usually cheat...I didn't get this extra weight through self discipline you know!  I had bought some reduced fat Hommous, one of my faves, but as I opened the fridge I saw that my OH had opened it and it was calling to me...but what to have it with? Should have just grabbed a spoon as it happens but I though 'I know I'll toast half a slice of that lovely wholemeal bread...that'll be nice. No it wasn't...I was eating it walking around as you do naughty foods grabbed on the run and within a swallow or two I felt like I was choking in my chest...yes, I was well and truley stuck.  I have been stuck only a couple of times with dry chicken breast and hard boiled egg (worst so far) and I won't go there again, but this was awful...it was going nowhere.  I quickly took a sip of my vitamin drink which I'd just prepared but the airlock feeling meant I couldn't really swallow it all and ended up over the sink.  My first experience of the dreaded PB. Although I really didn't have much on board, but it definately resembled the experiences I've heard described by more experienced bandsters.  fortunately i had some soup in the microwave for my tea which I'd been waiting on while I snuck the half slice of toast and I made myself a hot cup of tea as I thought the heat would sooth all the stuck bits down as I still felt quite uncomfortable.  The soup and tea really did help though which is good. 

I'm onto mushies today and am so far sticking to the brief quite well which I never did post surgery.  I just made sure my portions were tiny and my mouthfuls also tiny.

Today I've started off on porridge for b/f, scrambled egg and baked beans for lunch and I've got some Weight Watchers cottage pie for my dinner, I'll probably make up some veg and have half tonight and half for lunch tomorrow. 

I succumbed to the dreaded scales again this morning even though I only weighed myself yesterday and I knew i couldn't really have lost anynmore today.  But the reward of seeing the good weightloss yesterday has encouraged my bad scale behaviour!

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