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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Big First Fill

I know, I know...what is this? Nothing for 2 weeks and then 4 posts in one day??!!

It's just to say that when I went for my first fill as I probably mentioned at the time, I was running late and Dr Ashton didn't ask for my fill record card and fill it in and for some silly reason I didn't think to ask how much fluid he'd put in...let's face it, I tried to leave the table with the needle hanging out of my port...I obviously wasn't especially sharp that morning! How could anyone forget they had a huge needles stuck in their stomach?

On Monday, having made the decision the day before that I was going to phone for a fill...who should phone me but Claire the Healthier Weight nurse to see how I was finding my first fill. I took the opportunity of 1st booking my next fill (Saturday) and 2nd of asking how much fluid had been put into my port...I thought maybe 2ml, 2.5ml...No, try again...a whopping 5.5ml had been put in for a first fill! I'm not complaining as I could see from the xray at the time that the barium was passing through at the correct speed of around two contractions of the stomach. It looked slowed, but not too slow if you see what I mean.

I'll let you know how I get on with the new fill on Saturday!


  1. Wow - that was a big first fill!

    I am constantly amazed at how different all our doctors are!

    I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that this next fill puts you in your sweet spot :-)

  2. Wow. Huge fill. I started with 3 ml and first fill brought me to 4 ml (but I had problems with that). I'm at just 3.5 and I think I need more.

    Although wine seems to go down well no matter how much is in the band! Hope all goes well.