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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Funny story

I forgot to mention a very funny lady I met at the last support group meeting I went to.  A lot of the people attending tend to sit quietly and not comment, which I find a bit hard work for the poor man presenting not to have any feedback, so I usually try to answer questions or ask them. 

Anyway this month the only other person also joining in was a young blonde Liverpudlian lady who came in a little late with her mum and I must say she looked like the after picture with her slim 10 stone figure despite not yet having had a fill.

We got chatting after the meeting as it transpired that we were both booked in for our first fills within half an hour of each other the next morning.  She had struggled with her weight for years and had weighed at her heaviest about 4 stone more than she currently did, but at the time of her consultation she confided in me that she was actually below the acceptible weight criteria by a few pounds, but due to her weight history and inability to maintain weight loss in the past had decided to take matters into her own hands and added some extra weight to her bra cups!!!

I know it's very naughty but I really did have to laugh!

Do you have any funny story's about the lengths people will go to?  I'm sure you do.

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